Marvel’s Avengers Alliance Goes Winter Guardian…Or Something.


MTV has announced that the popular online video game Avengers Alliance will feature the Winter Soldier and characters from Guardians Of The Galaxy – no doubt in promotion of the two upcoming movies…

Cool idea because I’m running out of characters to recruit. I’m Level 200 right now and 5-starring chapters like a boss on HARD, and I need a raccoon with a machine gun. And buying up Thundra is like a waste of points to me so…

PVP – I play for the sheer fun of it. Caring about advancing through leagues only puts tears in my eyes since my defensive team gets whacked on the regular. Winter Solider would be a cool infiltrator foe for Captain America, so I’d better grab him and level up quick since so many opposing teams showcase him as a protector. Damn tacticians.

Presently I have Deadpool and Doctor Voodoo as my “DD” beatdown specialists. Once Deadpool is Imba, it’s over for you with my quantum jumper. But it’s a crap shoot with the doc. If my enemy’s tactician doesn’t kill him before he possesses someone and phases, it’s a battle leading in my favor. Blasters just get leveled by tacts.

Okay I’m talking nerd…to myself! Better go outside and pretend to have a life. And you’d better play this game!

Okay bye.


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