Remember That Mexican City From “The Shawshank Redemption?”


Zihuatanejo, Mexico is a gritty and often beautiful place. I enjoyed my experience there with only a few reservations, the worst being the mammoth 2-plane ride from New York City. The second being the people.

I purposely ended that paragraph with shock value in mind. No, I had nothing against the good Mexican populace of Zijua. But I’d never recommend that anyone visit there because travelers don’t get a moment’s peace.

Everywhere I went, someone was trying to sell me some worthless trinket. Relaxing on the beach? Here, buy a sombrero! At dinner with your girlfriend? Here, buy some seashells! Doing business on the street? Forget that shit – here’s a string of beads! Every fifteen minutes and that’s not a joke.

To their credit, I didn’t see one beggar – just poor folks trying work their hustle. But that doesn’t help the vacation that I paid for with my own hustle. That walk full circle comes with a limp, yes.

However, the second half of the vacation was at a resort in Ixtapa, the town over, and it didn’t include any of that other baggage thanks to the private beaches and such.

Think about that before considering your next trip. Convenience is worth the extra money. You’ll get the same gorgeous sunsets either way.


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