The Small-Minded Jerry Springer Mentality


Since moving to North Carolina, I’ve had to make some adjustments. It’s a culture thing for sure, but I tired of being up top after my divorce, and my family has been living here for a long time. It’s just math.

One thing I just can’t get next to is my family’s interest in this vile periodical called “The Slammer.” It’s a mugshot mag and from it, no one making the slightest legal mistake is safe. The Rural Blog:

“…The Slammer appeals to voyeurism, and
Russell Carpenter of Little Rock told Elliott, “It’s
just someone exploiting, making a buck off of
other people’s miseries.” The notion of stocks
suggests the papers are a disincentive to crime,
but Pulaski County Sheriff Doc Holladay (no
kidding) said he sees no upside to The Slammer.
Holladay said he resisted providing mug shots,
but had to because they are open records. And
there could be a question of racism, because the
papers appear to be most popular in the South
and African Americans may be disproportionately
represented among offenders.”

See, I take particular umbrage with this because of my OWN mugshot troubles. Back in 2007 I was arrested in Jersey for a traffic violation. My mugshot ended up on the net and, in not wanting prospective jobs to Google an unfortunate image, I paid $350 to get it removed. Then, it popped up on another site. And another. I went broke trying to outrun that bullshit before I said fuck it and gave up. So far no more have appeared (knock on wood).

So yeah, I take it personally, this exploitative crap that preys on the vulnerable. And I combat all rationalization with a very important quote I once heard:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people .”

Is small-mindedness really a goal to shoot for?



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