“Come And Get It” by Problem Child…Finally GOT IT!


A damned hard to find song gets found and I’m gonna post the hell out of it for all the people who’ve waited a freakin’ year for the release. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook…all my sites. Immediately.

Thanks to Netflix original programming we’re seeing some wonderful television. So long-suffering fans of “Arrested Development” being canceled get brand new seasons. Big welcome to the American adaptation of Britain’s “House Of Cards.” And in the much loved category of original programming, “Orange Is The New Black” could be the best of the lot. And then there’s the shit pile, where “Hemlock Grove” sits with its horror premise of yet another world where modern werewolves are just pathetically depicted as big dogs (see “Twilight” and “True Blood.”)

But Hemlock did one thing right: during a well-shot killing of two girls, a very cool song is being played in the background. Hearing the phrase “come and get it” over and over again, I took that to be the song’s name and went about to finding it. And failed every step of the way!

There weren’t enough seconds in the song clip for my phone’s Sound Hound app to decode it.


Internet searches for the soundtrack to the show drew blanks!

come paisis

It seemed like everybody was looking for this song.

come answer

“Problem Child.” A nobody band was being stingy with their song! Breadcrumbs. And while some internet sleuths were dead set on the wild goose chase of insisting this was a song by Icona Pop, others like myself just waited patiently for a road that didn’t hit dead ends. Yet I kept seeing pieces of this damn song and just couldn’t get my hands on it!


This was getting damned ridiculous. Now…tonight while dicking around on the net, the song pops into my head. On a search that I expected to end at the usual useless broken road of suspects, a major discovery bobbed out of the water. The song had finally been released after over a year of anybody ever having heard it on mediocre scare TV.  Wait, it had finally WHAT???


Quickly I set up an ITunes account for myself after repeated attempts at trying to hack my ex-wife’s failed. This was finally happening! It was seconds away! A little of that old clickity click and hello download prompt!! I finally got that goddammed song! And yes, as I write this…it’s been playing over and over and over again. I’ll be tired of it soon, but for now, it’s sweet sweet nectar from the buxom bosom of success.

I’m hoping this post pops up during searches for the song because I wasn’t the only sad sack out there pining over this stupid shit. Excelsior! The little things, indeed.



  1. hey, it’s me, the YouTube uploader of the song. yea, I was on as much of the hunt as u were for this piece. I fell in love w/ it when I first heard it on the Best Night Ever trailer and been looking for it since. then, one day while looking on amazon, I can across it and I KNEW that I had to share it w/ the world (for free). ur all welcome :3

    • Jacob… as much as I tried to be a service to everyone, your efforts are so appreciated that its not even funny. Thanks a lot pal. I felt like we had 0 to work with but we did the best we could. Nice job.

  2. So glad those morons claiming its icona pop cant now eat crow.

  3. Hey there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading
    through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m
    definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking
    back often!

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