The Emotional Primrose Path


The last thing I ever wanted to do was write a blog with such a pretentious title as this one. But a recent viewing of “Frasier” sparked a memory I’ve chosen to share about my ex-wife.

It’s the one about Frasier’s ex-wife Lilith visiting him in Seattle for reconciliation long after they’d broken up in Boston. Good show, and the first time I’d watched it eons ago, I probably just laughed. This time, I identified.

The top reason I left Brooklyn for the south was because I couldn’t be around my ex anymore. We’d stupidly chosen to be friends after the 11-year union had dissolved. On my part, that was wholly because of two reasons: one, we were so clingy to each other before the divorce that upon breakup we had no one to hang out with, and two being the dog. We’d had, and then shared, a dog, which I miss terribly. She was the sweetest, most gentle little being to ever grace God’s green Earth. She didn’t know the meaning of malice and adored me as much as I did her. And now she’s gone from my life, a necessary casualty because I had to run from that old existence and find a new one that had more potential. And she was mostly the ex’s dog anyway, so my baby stayed with her. I had to do it. At 41, I’ve got years left and couldn’t spend them wasting time with a woman who didn’t want me.

Anyway, to this day I have no idea what Dr. Crane meant by his whole “primrose” routine, but I got the gist of the story. Know what? I gotta Google “primrose.” Hold on.

Yeah, flower, of course. I still don’t get it. But let’s face it, the show is purposely high brow and that’s why I like it. Because some of the shit I don’t get still makes me laugh. That’s good writing…

I guess this post is more about me missing my dog than it has anything to do with a fancy name for a flower or a line from a canceled TV show or that bitch that left me hanging. The worst part is, so many people do not value pets and that is a terrible feeling if you asked me. Take it from me, there is so much beauty in having unconditional love that never judges or asks too much. I suggest you try it, if you can.

Happy National Pet Day, everyone.



  1. Ha! My first sponsor always talked about the road to relapse as the “primrose path.” Seemingly beautiful & innocuous until “Oh, crap! Where’d that drink come from?”

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