I’m So Glad I’m Not You.


It’s a treat when I browse Freshly Pressed and come across real winners from people who actually have something to share. Every now and then it’s a bust – some “feminist” will spew more man-hate than show support for her team, or Your Deep Highness might bore the absolute shit out of me with “Metaphysical Musings On Existentialism.” Sometimes there’s venting, sometimes there’s falling in love with your own words, and other times, though unpopular in the free liberties blogging world…there’s just plain old “I have something to add.”

And then there’s Mr. Random Bullshit. I think that’s me. It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly where I belong in the grand literary scheme of things, and that’s why I’ll never succeed at this. As a master of nothing, with a severe inability to give a fuck, I can’t bring myself to clutch onto one cause, topic or idea, and make it my long-term effort. I would rather set myself on fire before using this outlet for just posting my original poetry. Or daily entries about the black experience. Or all the crap I shoot with my DSLR. No, I’d be quicker to shove a knife right through my face first.

Firstly, I don’t want to think too hard about any one thing. How far did all that over-analyzing get you anyway? Did you change the world? Were you happy with all the arguments you won? What about the wonderful things you missed in this beautiful world while your one-track mind ran straight and narrowly along that lonely highway? Is it really working for you?

Secondly, when you concentrate on something too hard, it’s gonna piss you off. That’s why nobody’s happy on “The Walking Dead” – they’re always thinking about the goddam zombies! If not for segregation, Malcolm X would’ve smiled more. And what about world domination? I bet those Bond villains could rock the hell out of a party, but nooOOOooo, being fixated on ruling the planet always killed the buzz. When bloggers only write about one thing ALL the time, there’s anger in them thar hills. Confuse it with passion if you want to. It’s a free country.

Me, I’m not perfect, and the blog proves that I’m not right in the head, so come with me if you want to die. But I do manage to find happiness in the smallest things. And thank God for them because I own nothing big. A little Star Trek here, a walk in a park there. Sprinkle in some 9GaG.com and a gym visit, and I’m the village idiot for the rest of the day. Might post a book review or a list about nothing or something too geeky to feel proud of. I try not to take things too seriously and have fun blogging about meaningless foolishness that gives me a giggle. Like I said…I won’t succeed at this.

Damn, I sound like a freakin’ court jester, huh? Aren’t you so glad you’re not me?


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