4 Reasons Why Quentin Tarantino Is An Asshole

When an ugly man is as much a screenplay writing hack as he is a screenplay writing genius, you bet on him. Every single time. Then, a star is born and it never burns out.

You also get a director out of the deal; two-for-one. How appetizing! Like a California Roll lunch special.

The only difference being, once you’re done with the roll, it’s gone. When this particularly coveted writer/director combo is finished, money falls from the sky.

That pair is none other than Quentin Tarantino. And I’ve got four reasons why he’s the biggest asshole in Hollywood.

1. He Makes The Same Movie Over And Over Again And We Just Keep Falling For It.

When “Pulp Fiction” came out, I thought it was brilliant. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Sure it’s too talky, but so thrilling that I had to check out this new upstart’s other works. And they were all like “Pulp Fiction.” Vaguely different protagonists – all anti-heroes, doing the same immoral bullshit as the last. Chatty chatty chatty, killy killy killy, racist racist racist racist. Now and again you get something different like “Django Unchained,” but it’s all essentially the same crap in dire need of strong editing.

2. He’s Obsessed With Kitsch

His one-trick pony ride is almost obsessive compulsive. “Jackie Brown,” “True Romance,” “Death Proof,” “Reservoir Dogs,” “Inglorious Basterds.” WTF is the deal with the two-word movies? Superstition? Pretension? None of my business? I know what it is: He fell in love with a piece of style somewhere along the way and won’t divorce it.

Fine, whatever. But the most grating aspect of this approach is that the pretensions bleed into the script! His long-winded dialog about nothing going nowhere is so hard to take sometimes that I find myself fast-forwarding through several minutes of utter uselessness. And these are the movies I like! The most glaring culprit of this is “Death Proof.” What a boring fucking film! Jesus H. Christ, nobody talks like that! Are long paragraphs of soliloquy packed with pop culture ramblings really that important to the goddam story?? And though I love his music choices, every damn song sounds the same. Somehow this douche makes “Across 110th Street” sound like “Son Of A Preacher Man.”

3. He’s Not Above Biting Your Ideas

There was a run there when he was getting credit for everything that wasn’t his. How I cringed when I saw Uma Thurman wearing Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit while she took down Yakuza dressed like Bruce Lee Kato clones during a very Matrix style bumrush from “Kill Bill” (two word movie). An homage only goes as far as what your audience remembers, and his young fans don’t get the fifty-plus martial arts movie references he “borrowed” to pad his runtime. Fifty…plus.

And what’s up with tagging his name onto several international films that he had nothing to do with? Because his company distributed them to American audiences, we’ve got to see “Flying Dragons, brought to you by Quentin Tarrantino.” Really? What a dick move that is. I’ve never seen that done before, ever. Martin Scorsese has worked tirelessly to restore old films, but you don’t see his name on “A Double Life” like he made the damn thing himself.

And speaking of an uninformed audience, my final quibble is completely lost on them.

4. He’s Racist

And he doesn’t care who knows it. Sure, he talks about his growing up around black folks and being in touch with the black experience and all manner of like bullshit, but no no no…that jackoff is a racist. His brain is commanded by that one ugly racial slur against blacks that he absolutely has to spew from actors’ mouths like it’s an addiction. It has literally taken over his life. You might think my theory a far-fetched one, but I’m open to debate. YOU tell me why all his movies are littered with that vulgar n-word. Why does “Django Unchained” have the record for using it over 100+ times? Because it’s a slave movie? Are you kidding? Hell yes this fucker couldn’t wait to do a slave movie. And so many young viewers don’t get it – they think I’m being too sensitive. “It doesn’t bother me, what’s the big deal?” Don’t talk about stuff you don’t understand, kid. The terrible experiences black people have gone through because of that word. You have no idea.

And don’t say he’s not racist because his black characters always win. Don’t be naive. If I kicked you in the genitals a hundred times, then gave you an Apple Store gift card, did you really win? Please…

And Hollywood keeps paying him because he makes them money. And let’s face it, “Django” and “Fiction” were amazing movies, so he’s got what it takes. He just needs to lose some creative control. A discerning script editor with even stronger script approval from someone with some HR experience would be nice. And a film editor who could trim away lots of fat is a good idea too. Editing is your friend. Both “Magnolia” and “Boogie Nights” would’ve been awesome works if that director had an editor worth a shit. I don’t even want to talk about Peter Jackson…

I could put up with the two-word fetish if someone would just put a leash on this clown. I’d enjoy a lot more of his movies that way too, especially if I were a black audience member not being alienated.

But until then yeah – 4 reasons why he’s an asshole.



  1. I just found this, and I have only one thing to say: YES!

    He’s an absolute and totally evil asshole, but he has magic qualities – he can get people to think that his work is absolutely wonderful, and to promote it to the public. Master manipulator.

  2. And now the guy wants us all to hate cops, because all cops are bad? After what I saw today he’s pretty much an asshole and a half

  3. Boycott his shit and everyone that deals with him. Make him a leper for anyone in Hollywood who dares to work with him for his BS moves. I loved Pulp Fiction. Practically memorized it. But, FU QT. You believe cops are racist murderers. Fine. Save your dimes bitch.

  4. And FU Jamie Foxx for standing up for this A-Clown. You make all these movies and shows glamorizing violence and propagating racist stereotypes and then stand up like some sinless holy deity passing judgement. Save your dimes too. Your 15 minutes are wrapping up.

  5. can’t add anything else except that QT is an absolute fucking asshole. It’s late, wanted to keep it short, … but what an absolute waste of space he is.

  6. Dido to ALL prior comments!! The dude is an enemy against the state (USA)-f…k him! Fu.k Hollywood! Roughly 10% of Hollywood “insiders” aregood/moral/Americans-the rest live in a self-induced Bubble of their own making. Proves they don’t have the maturity to handle the salries they make. Shame on 90% of Hollywood elites (elites in their own mind)-that’s about as far from truth as possible!

  7. I absolutely agree with all comments above and with your article. Once upon a time I actually believed that there was some twisted merit in QT’s films… but that was before I had actually watched any of them. I had merely jumped onto the bandwagon of pampering QT’s ego that mainstream media was driving for him. Then I watched Reservoir Dogs and thought “wait a second, some bits of dialogue, character arcs and plot milestones were taken from other films! Was this a deliberate tribute or…?”
    Then it turned out that Tarantino is something of a kleptomaniac.
    And then I discovered that he was a sexist, racist, perverted jerk in real life. Suddenly that sheds a new light on all of his films: what if they were GENUINELY pandering to racism, sexism, perversion and violence and he only claimed to be criticizing racism and sexism in order to get a pass?
    When The Hateful Eight came out and Tarantino tried to use the police union’s hatred for him as a publicity stunt, I realized that Tarantino is a good candidate for biggest douche nozzle in Hollywood which is a pretty big achievement considering how many douche nozzles exist in Hollywood. This was an unbelievably racist film; portraying a black man fighting against racism as a foul-mouthed assassin and rapist — what the hell, man???
    A real movie against racism looks like To Kill a Mockingbird or The Defiant Ones. A real movie against sexism is Tootsie. QT is just playing the “I’m just a troll”-card to excuse his ginormous, bigoted ego. And anytime somebody calls him out on it, he gets his fanboys to accuse the critic of being an unintelligent prude, which is the laziest insult that a perv can make.
    I just can’t wait until he’s long forgotten and better directors take his spotlight.

  8. Dude is a genius. Too bad you just don’t get it. Needs a script editor? The reason his movies are so good is because he requires actors who sign on to deliver their dialogue word for word – no ad-libbing. A Hollywood script editor would ruin his films. As a matter of fact, that’s why so many movies suck. The fact that this post is almost two years old and has only 13 comments tells you where you stand.

  9. Agree with everything except “Boogie Nights” is one of the best as is. As good as “…Fiction” IMHO.

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