Update On CNN Unlawful Termination Case


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CNN NLRB Case Update

Local 31
May 22, 2014

“Dear NABET-CWA CNN Member, I am writing to update you on the National Labor Relations Board case involving CNN America and Team Video Services. As you might be aware, over the past several weeks, NABET-CWA has been engaged in a campaign to bring highly focused attention to this case. That campaign included directing all NABET-CWA members from across the country to call the office of NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce to ask two simple questions: “What is the status of the CNN case involving NABET-CWA and when will a final decision be issued?” NABET-CWA members were then asked to report in to Sector Headquarters the responses that were received from the NLRB. The NLRB received hundreds of calls, thanks to the dedication of you and members everywhere.

Many of the CNN members actually even received return calls from the NLRB to update people on the status of the case. As a result of this campaign, NABET CWA believes that a decision from the NLRB will be issued within the next few weeks. While no one yet knows what that decision will hold, the Union is very optimistic that your long overdue justice will finally be delivered.

In anticipation of a pending NLRB ruling, NABET-CWA is planning to hold rallies outside CNN’s studios in Washington, D.C. and New York City and engage in other activities promptly after the decision is issued. Those rallies will focus on telling the public the true stories of this travesty and to tell the real impact of CNN’s and Team Video’s unlawful actions on working families like yours. The rallies will also draw focus to calling on CNN immediately abide by any NLRB decision issued in this case. It is important that as many workers from the CNN case be present to participate in these rallies and other planned activities. You will joined by other NABET-CWA members, CWA members, labor activists, and social justice activists at these events. We will have an unprecedented opportunity to unite the public in support around what will hopefully be a meaningful victory in this saga.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of these activities we will need to make sure that we have the best current contact information for you, including e mail addresses, cell phone numbers, and mailing addresses. This will enable us to quickly contact you about any news concerning the NLRB decision and related activities.

We will also need this updated contact information to contact you should there be any issues with the NLRB providing remedies, such as back pay and reinstatement.

Through your assistance and perseverance, we believe that a righteous decision from the NLRB is on the doorstep. While no one should ever have to wait a decade to receive justice, we must do everything that we can now, based on our information that a decision is coming soon, to send CNN a swift, loud and comprehensive message that their actions were unlawful and that NABET-CWA members deserve all remedies immediately.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the Local 31 office at 301-495-4999

In Solidarity,
Rich McDermott
NABET-CWA Local 31, Washington, D.C.”


A Resume Trick For Getting That Dream Job

Getting work has been a real son-of-a-bitch and pretty soon I'll be eating Vienna sausages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Damn good thing I like Vienna sausages. However, I'm kinda more looking forward to those PB&J sandwiches for dessert. Jesus, somebody just kill me please.

Without the software resources to keep tailoring my resume for every job I go for, I spend a lot of time at the library. I get passed over for tons of jobs I should have presented to me on a silver platter, and my ego has nothing to do with it. Technology is to blame for my hunger and desperation, and I'll tell you why:  companies get so many resumes per job that many of them leave it to an electronic "sorter" to weed the wheat from the chaff. Even when you're perfectly good wheat, you can get lost in the trash shuffle because the sorter doesn't find the words its looking for on your resume.

And as impressive as my resume is, it won't get seen for that very reason. So I decided that I needed to insert those key words into my resume somehow without compromising my documented work history. Here's how I do it…


This is Bruce Highballer’s resume. Of the Rhode Island Highballers, thank you very much. Let’s ignore the questionable work he put into designing it and stick to the topic of “How To Trick The Sorter.”


So you’re dancing around the internet, doing a little job search soft shoe when you find your DREAM JOB! That’s right, since birth you’ve been aching for that Brand Marketing Specialist gig in southern America! Let’s click on that sucker and get the lowdown on living the fantasy.


Oh look – words and such. None of which are on Bruce’s resume. But they will be. This is when you take the strongest words VERBATIM from the job post. 1. Highlight and copy them onto your clipboard. 2. Start pricing yachts!


Now…search around the resume for blank spaces. Luckily Bruce has employed a template from Openoffice, the broke ass version of Word, because if he had Microsoft money, my cable wouldn’t be out right now.  I mean Bruce’s cable. Yeah, Bruce. And that cheapo template has a space underneath EDUCATION that suits our needs just fine. This is where you insert all the best words, gibberish style. It will make no sense when viewed with the naked eye. Blah freakin’ blah. Find spaces all over the resume for these inserts and paste them in willy nilly.


Now the fun part. Highlight your gibberish and change their font to white. This only works if your resume is white to begin with. You don’t want to use some fancy colored paper, otherwise the white words will show up on the document once it’s printed if you plan on using snail mail to apply for a job.


Congrats, you have just tricked the sorter! All of its favorite search words are inserted into your resume. It sees them just fine, but the naked eye has no idea they’re there. I was halfway skeptical about this when I first heard of it, but since applying this technique, I’ve gotten nearly three times as many phone calls and interviews. Because that’s what’s most important – getting noticed and/or invited in. But there’s a major catch that I have to point out. I use Indeed.com for many job searches, and the site allows for you to upload your resume for quick “one touch” applications for certain jobs. When you upload your resume to the site, it turns your white words black and it really DOES look like gibberish. Keep that in mind and happy hunting.

And feel free to post any job search tricks of your own! Because that unemployment extension bill just ain’t happening!