Suck It, Racists! Progressive Television Shows Love For Interracial Love


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of diversity in all its glorious splendor, consciously and unconsciously making sure that I don’t recognize the ugliness of bigotry if I can help it. As a lover of fairness and equality, I’ve made it my business to routinely champion for a future that strives against racial disharmony. Maybe it was something my dad taught me.

Immediately after I got a lecture from my mother on the importance of marrying black, dad pulled me aside and educated me on the “100% Rule.” He counted on one hand, saying there’s Red, Black, Yellow, Brown and Other, representing the color ratio of girls across the planet. (I assume “Brown” included South Asians) And my mom had just urged me to shoot for 20%. Well, dad said I shouldn’t reach for 20%f of anything. It’s 100% of everything, or nothing. Looks like modern television is taking dad’s advice. Let’s look at how things are going on the boob tube.


The cover photo depicts a recent scene from “The Walking Dead” where long-time friends and fellow soldiers against the zombie apocalypse, Rick and Michonne have finally found comfort and peace in each other’s arms. It’s a union that many fans have shipped for a long time despite the fact that it never even came close to happening in the comics. Immediately above us is a photo from “The Flash,” a fantastic television series that does everything right, including erase racial lines by having lead Barry Allen not only be raised from childhood by a single black father, but also dig deeply into his fiery love for “adoptive” sister Iris. This show is fearless and everyone should be watching it.

Examples of equally fearless television flourish. Here are a few more:


“Into The Badland’s” Asian war machine Sonny, played by Danny Wu, wants nothing more out of life than to abandon his warrior ways and live a quiet life with his black lady love Veil.


Indian comedy vet Mindy Kaling of “The Mindy Project” has made a career of dating white guys on screen. It’s to the point where I think it’s kind of her “thing.”


Jay and Gloria of “Modern Family.” He’s white and she’s Hispanic. Not to mention light years out of his league, but that’s another blog post altogether.

ash and jill

For two seconds there, fans of “Ash Vs. Evil Dead” thought the title character and black investigator Jill were gonna be an item but demons cock-blocked that noise.


The zombie-killing lifestyle tends to throw unlikely candidates into each others’ arms, and “Z-Nation” sticks true to that by sustaining the sexual tension between Matt and Lt. Warren. Personally, I’m partial to Casandra, played by the luscious Pisay Pao.


Though there wasn’t a shred of love involved between “Fargo’s” Mike Milligan and the foolish only daughter of the Gerhardt clan, there’s no denying the show’s boldness to be normal. And by normal, I mean understanding that color should mean nothing when men and women are naked in a room together.


And the love train keeps going. “Community” never mirrored the world’s issues with race, giving us white Annie’s infatuation with black Troy right from Season 1. But it went further, mixing the Arabic Abed with his white girlfriend Rachel, played awesomely by Brie Larson. Then, when Yahoo Screen revived the show from destruction in its final season, there was stupidly no mention of Rachel any time, anywhere. It happens.


“Supergirl’s” Kara and her unrequited love for James Olsen get a definite mention here. Like “The Flash,” I’ll say this for the DC/Warner Bros. creators, they don’t give a fuck about your racist bullshit. They know what’s good.


Apparently superheroes just think like I think. Here’s Jessica Jones looking tough about her very, very complicated relationship with Luke Cage. I’m telling you guys, if there’s a “Best Superhero Series” award to give out, it goes to the amazing new upstart “Jessica Jones.” Binge it on Netflix stat.


“Scandal” is not my type of television, but I do know that Kerry Washington has no shortage of white dudes to kiss on in that show, so here she is doing one of those things. In fact, she could just be with that one guy throughout the whole series, and I’d have no idea. What I know about “Scandal” could fit in an atom-sized piece of toilet paper.


Remember when I said zombie life is a motherfucker on dating inside your race? Here’s a still from “Fear The Walking Dead,” the precursor series to the actual apocalypse. We’re looking at Alicia and Matt here, acting like the future was gonna be nice and bright. Well, they sure were in for some bullshit, tell ya that. Side note here – her white mom is married to a Hispanic dude on the show, so apparently you don’t actually need a worldwide zombie attack to be colorblind. Hear that, America?

danny and clara

“Doctor Who’s” Danny Pink and Clara Oswald was a refreshing couple to root for, but he was just a tad too sensitive for my tastes. However, this is one series that has never shied away from coloring outside the lines in its modern run. It’s one of the reasons why I absolutely love the show, outside of my just being a geeky motherfucker to begin with.

It goes on and on, I’m sure. These are just the shows I watch (and don’t watch – see “Scandal.”) If you know any other examples, I’m all ears. On top of showcasing the world as it should be viewed, by not only depicting the truth that non-white races do exist beyond the long-running segregation of “Seinfeld” and “Friends,” modern TV is really impressing me with its huge contributions toward fighting the good fight. Sure, there’s still a gigantic void in the television stratosphere where white actors flourish without a black face to be seen in a wide sea of characters. I’m completely aware of that. I’m just saying I appreciate the color swirls that stand out more prevalent through that silly little thing called love.

Hell, even “Agent Carter” is doing it, and that show is set in the 40’s where if the wrong white guys saw this, they’d kill the brother kissing on Peggy Carter below.


If you asked me, I’d say the entire television landscape owes my dear departed father a word of thanks. Here’s to the 100% Rule. So, fuck you, racists.



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